Afterwords by Sas Petherick

This photo and poem are part of a virtual gallery to celebrate the launch of my new novel, Afterwards.

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There were thousands of moments
spent lost in the wilderness,
Thrashing and forging ahead
in a lonely battle of my own making.
I walked in circles,
ever-decreasing, to the middle
of an accidental labyrinth.
There I stopped and lay down my sword.
I sat in the centre of my life
and surrendered the search.
The grandmothers towered over me
whispering map co-ordinates.
Afterwards, the path led me home.

Sas Petherick writes about life on planet earth. Which means she writes about moments of clarity and bewilderment: the joy and despair of being a practicing human. Which really means she writes about LOVE. Sas is a Certified Coach, trained by Dr. Martha Beck and the Coaches Training Institute and is currently wading through a PhD in Coaching & Mentoring at Oxford Brookes. You can read about her adventures at and she’s on the twits @saspetherick


“Robyn is an exquisite observer who notices the subtle nuances of everyday life and the human doubts and insecurities we all experience, making Afterwards a book that leaves you feeling deeply satisfied and more observant of the details in your own life.” ~ Jackie

Afterwards is the new novel from Satya Robyn. After a serious car crash shatters April’s mundane life, she decides to run the London marathon. Will she reach the finishing line? Compelling and illuminating, it reminds us that it is never too late to begin over again.