A workaholic-socialmediaholic (me) takes Tuesday off

Yesterday, me & Kaspa took the day off.

I have a tendency to work too hard. We’ve both had several weekends full of worky-things. And so our blank schedule yesterday felt like the perfect opportunity. A Sunday on a Tuesday. How audacious!

We cleaned the kitchen floor (multiple sets of three muddy cat’s paws) and scattered the ash from the woodburner on a bed where tulips are emerging. We potted on lots of flower seedlings in our new greenhouse. We read magazines and watched television and ate a Tuesday roast dinner (with extra-crispy roast potatoes).

Mid-evening, we turned off the television and I had a craving. An intense craving. I wanted to turn on my lap-top and write a blog post (this one). I wanted to check my email. I wanted to send something out into the world.

Kaspa suggested that instead, I resist and see what happened.

I resisted. I re-read some of a well-loved book of poems by the wonderful Canadian poet Alden Nowlan. And after that, I had the urge to write a poem. Something longer than a small stone. My first in four years. And so I wrote it.

Today, I have returned to 283 emails and a small backlog of things-to-do. But I feel refreshed and ready to engage with the world again. I’m grateful for the opportunity I took yesterday, to resist one of my old familiar compulsions, and to allow something new to emerge.

What do you need to resist in order for something new to be born?

If you’d like to practice gratitude, I have a new offering with Writing Our Way Home here. And I’ve also made a brand new Facebook author page using my new name, here, and to celebrate there is an opportunity to win one of ten free copies of ‘A Year of Questions: how to slow down and fall in love with life’, here.

And here’s the poem…


a spray of gypsophila.
ordinary carnations
with their two-tone pink frills.

the perfect vertical line
between the Buddha’s golden hands.

wet sucks and whooshes
as our old-man cat
washes the fur and skin on his hip.

moved to pick up this biro
by Nowlan, his poems written
with a tenderness that cuts.

what do I have to add
to the world of words?

I watch Roshi
wash his face with his paw.
smiling the same smile
as the Buddha.

‘carnation close-up’ by la01 with gratitude

4 thoughts on “A workaholic-socialmediaholic (me) takes Tuesday off”

  1. What do I need to resist?

    getting distracted by people/animals/things/my own thoughts/my own emotions
    making ToDo lists instead of Doing things
    “just looking up one thing on the net”
    reading blogs instead of writing
    filling up my time with “maintenance” chores
    trying to perfect my environment/habits/whatever before starting
    doing anything instead of writing

    ADD is a real detriment to moving toward long-term goals.

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