Michael Nobbs Says: This Helps

“Little and often” is the slogan that helps me keep my creative life on gentle track. A friend said it to me a lot of years ago and since then it has become the basis for my creative practice and a cornerstone of my teaching. Every day (well five days a week) I set a […]

Salena Godden says: This Helps

1. Pessimism is for lightweights 2. courage is a muscle 3. It isn’t punk to ask for permission 4. Never, ever give up! 5, Make light! 6. Go where the love is These slogans help me switch off social media and get on with writing. They help me to be more generous. To stop comparing […]

What helps when your head explodes

This morning I worked on how I was going to launch my new book ‘What Helps‘ into the world. I’ve had a busy week, and today in my diary I’d written ‘take it easy’. As I started brainstorming about my book, I decided I’d like to run an online course called ‘This Helps’, and started to create an […]

When things go wrong, what helps?

“We’ve been filled with great treasure for one purpose – to be spilled.” ~ Yoko Ono When we are unsatisfied with our lives or when things go wrong, where can we find the best wisdom? It’s a funny old thing, wisdom. There are infinite amounts available out there. When seeking it you can choose from […]

On struggling to be good to myself

I am poorly. My throat is raw, my nose is running and my right eye-lid is twitching. Today is a work day for us, and so this morning I’ve been dutifully sitting at my desk, dealing with a bit of email, printing out some new leaflets for the temple… None of this work is urgent. […]

Welcome to my new blogging home

After a spell at Patheos, this is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts from now on. You can expect the usual smorgasbord: stories from the temple, things I got wrong and learnt from, mindful writing, consolation, Buddhist spiritual teaching and teachings from other traditions, bunnies, chocolate and probably a little bit more chocolate. I’m looking […]

Listen. Can you hear it right now?

Our culture is one which is geared in many ways to help us evade any need to face this inner, silent self. ~ Thomas Merton Dunk, marinate, drizzle, dress. These are the words written on the bottle of olive oil standing on our red-painted kitchen shelves. They just caught my eye as I drank some […]