Help, I’m tired of myself

Sun on snow from PexelsThis is an Asking For Help blog, where I answer a question (from myself or others) with a slogan chosen at random from my book, ‘What Helps: Sixty Slogans to Live By‘.

Question: Yesterday I got lost on social media again, after saying I wasn’t going to, and I feel so tired of myself and my various dysfunctions – I come up against the same issues over and over again. What should I do?

Slogan: Peaks and troughs.

Interpretation: Our lives are made up of peaks and troughs, like climbing a mountain range. Sometimes we get a beautiful view and we feel fit and capable, and sometimes we twist our ankle or get grumpy and shout at our walking companion.

Here’s a quote from the book:

“It’s good to aim for the middle way, but it isn’t realistic to expect that we will ever flatten the line completely. Sometimes we will be fatter, and sometimes thinner. Sometimes we’ll be able to work efficiently, sometimes less so. Be kind to yourself when you’re up, and be kind to yourself when you’re down.”

And there’s this from the list of questions:

“In what areas of your life do you expect yourself to always be doing well?”

Well, all of them. So, okay, maybe that’s not so reasonable.

Yesterday I had a bad day on the internet. Today has started differently. Who knows if I’m making overall ‘progress’ or not. Who knows when it’ll be the right time for this dysfunction/coping habit to leave me for good, or if it ever will. All I can do is put the work in, be patient and forgiving of myself, and leave the rest to the Universe. It can see more than I can, and it knows better than me.

I feel softer towards myself now, and less attached to the idea that I’m going to reach perfection if I just try harder. Hey, you’re doing okay, kiddo.

Where are you being hard on yourself? Can you see that life is full of peaks and troughs?


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