A Blackbird Sings: a book of short poems

a text message
illuminates a cat’s yawn
Lucas Stensland

This is a book you can dip into and be nourished by again and again. It will surprise you, move you and delight you. It’ll remind you of the important sparkling details in your own life, and inspire you to pay more attention to what’s around you.

‘A Blackbird Sings’ is the second anthology of small stones, a mindful writing form, edited by Kaspalita and Fiona Robyn.

It also contains an introductory essay about what makes a good small stone, an essay about quality and unconditional love, and a seven day course if you want to have a go at writing small stones yourself.


An evening duet

out of time with the
dishwasher’s two-tone samba
a lark is singing

Helen Lewis


We hope it will encourage you to write a small stone or two of your own. We run a mindful writing challenge from this site every January if you get a taste for mindful writing.


Flash of iridescence as two magpies squabble in the winter sun
and I drive home from hospital with the news you might not make it.

Emma Lee


You can read more small stones at our daily blogzine, a handful of stones. Fiona writes at a small stone and Kaspa at another small stone. Our first anthology was ‘Pay Attention: a river of stones’ and is available now in paperback (UK / US) or as an ebook through Lulu.



Four shavings of sky
perfect blue
held in place by
a tiny French knot

Claire Zoghb



“This is a magical small book. Like the title, it sings out – a long peel of ‘small stones’, each a brief meeting with a different voice and perception. A beautiful anthology, with some wise, moving words from the editors and a structured and inspirational guide to writing your own short, mindful written responses to the moment.” ~Jean Morris, Amazon UK

“This book isn’t just an anthology of small sensory poems. It contains advice and guidelines for being in the world and really noticing what you see, hear, and smell. It’s a relaxing book to read and meditate on, while simultaneously waking you up to the life around you.” ~Kathleen Lewis, Amazon US

“… a poignant collection of deeply-experienced moments that can enrich us all.” ~Sara Thibault, Amazon US

“…a beautiful book full of what I would call, the “new haiku”. small stones are “…a few words or lines that describe a moment observed”. This gem is full of beautiful insights, honesty and depth of heart. One may open the book at any point, read a verse and be inspired to create one’s own small stone. As well as a joy to read, holding the book in your hands, you won’t want to put it down. There is something about the quality of the cover itself (feels like velvet to the touch), that will make you glad books are still being printed!” ~Mary Sherman, Amazon US

“My copies of A Blackbird Sings: A Book of Short Poems arrived at my door today. The book is even more beautiful than it appears online! Fiona and Kaspalita have done a wonderful job. I am honored that two of my small stones reside within its pages. I plan to gift a copy to my yoga teacher; the book would also make an inspired gift for meditators, poets and anyone looking for meaning in the world around them.” @ClaireZ, Amazon US

“…all the pieces in it are very good and taken together they give an amazing insight into the way that different people see the world, the different things they notice and the different ways they feel about them. There isn’t a single weak piece to be found…” ~ R Hale, Amazon UK