Sit with the Earth October

Photo from Satya Robyn (59)My year-long vigil for the Earth will end on the 31st of October 2021, the day before COP26 starts in Glasgow. I have been sitting in silence for an hour a day in all weathers, as witness to the Earth’s suffering, and in gratitude for her many gifts. Many local people and visitors to the town have stopped to offer me an encouraging word, and I hope the effects of this small act of devotion will continue to ripple outwards.

During October I will be sitting in my usual spot in Malvern, Worcestershire – at the top of town, opposite the Post Office. I would love as many people as possible to sit with me during the month. I will be sitting in silence from midday until 1pm every day.

  • If you can join me just turn up any time between midday & 1pm and sit down, and feel free to stay for as long as you like.
  • I’ll be mostly holding silence between midday and 1pm so if you want to have a proper conversation with me, do come at 11.50am or wait until 1pm.
  • I’ll keep my eyes open whilst I’m sitting during October so if you do want to say hi/goodbye or ask a short question please feel free to interrupt  me.
  • There will be an empty pink chair next to me, or you can sit on the steps behind me or on a bench at the top of the steps, or bring your own fold-up chair, cushion etc.
  • Make sure you dress for the weather! I’ll be there rain or shine.
  • You can keep your eyes open or shut, and sit however you feel comfortable – you don’t need to stay very still!
  • You can hold the Earth in mind while you sit silently – what you’ve received from her, the damage we’re doing, how you might want to help her.
  • You don’t have to be spiritual or religious to take part – you just have to care about the Earth.
  • If you’re travelling from further away (or not!) it’d be lovely to know you’re coming (or that you have been – I might not see you unless you come and say hi!) – email me

We’ll be joined by our lovely Malvern XR group every Saturday.

I’m also asking people to fill in a short questionnaire on the climate crisis and will use some of the answers in my upcoming book on my vigil – do let me know if you’re willing to receive one by emailing me,

If you’re not local to Malvern, do sit with me anytime from midday until 1pm wherever you are – outside if possible, and in public is even better. You can print your own sign to hang round your neck if you want – they’re here. Let me know if you do!

You can help spread the word with my Facebook event here or by sending them this link. Let’s see how many people will come… <3

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