A little comfort

Hello friends. Ralph doesn’t want to curl up in the comfy grey bed right next to my desk today. He wants to sit on my lap. He’s a hefty boy, and I can’t really type with him there. I lifted him up anyway, and we sat for a while together until he told me he […]

‘Letters from Satya’ re-starting

Now my vigil is over, I’m going to write my Letters from Satya more frequently again. The first is below. If you’d like to sign up for them, click here. Hello friends. I’ve been tying myself in knots. I want to start writing to you all again, now my year-long vigil is over. I want […]

On being a nobody

Last Friday I left social media. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write – and before I even reach the full stop the doubts crowd in. ‘You’re weak – you’ll be back within a month.’ ‘You’ve shot yourself in the foot – your career as a writer is over.’ ‘There’s so much good stuff on Facebook – […]

To Err is Human: we Do Not Stop Being So

From Dharmavidya David Brazier’s book Questions in the Sand. To Err is Human… & We Do Not Stop Being So Question: After a good few years of working hard towards personal improvement and continually tripping over myself, I’m struggling to see any real change in my propensity for being foolish. Given the depth of my […]

I wish I ate less cake

Chasing after an improved view of oneself is futile. ~ Dharmavidya Yesterday I finally managed to fill my two little vases with flowers from the temple garden – one for the Buddha, and one for the little table between me and my therapy clients. It makes me happy looking at them. I also feel a […]