A new life

Carpet 1So many things have happened since I last wrote nearly two years ago – where do I begin?

Things are always in a process of change, but this is more true of some periods of our lives than others. Running a temple, we have discovered, involves a rather steep learning curve!

Life is good here – with our growing sangha, our residents, our beautiful garden, our three cats and two rabbits. We’re learning the importance of a rest day, and I started painting. We’re involved with our organisation nationally, but we also have time to attend to all the little things that need attending to here. We welcome new people and say goodbye to some of our old friends. We practice in our shrine room, and we sit in front of the Buddha with the people who live here to start our days.

There’s lots of stories I could tell you, and maybe I will, but for now I wanted to say ‘I’m still here’ and thank you for stopping by. Thank you.