After the Fall by Sean M. Madden

This image is part of a virtual gallery to celebrate the launch of my new novel, Afterwards.

After the Fall by Sean M. Madden

After the Fall

“An unforeseen tragedy, a crashing upon us of circumstances, can lead us into times of fresh growth and new beginnings. Like the shock of being birthed into this world, or the great upsurge of energy required of a seed to break through its casing and the sometimes still frozen earth to reach towards the warmth of the sun. Or a baby bird slowly pecking its way through an eggshell.

Pursuing a new way — a new life, a new creative venture — is seldom easy. We often require the energy of a thunderbolt — a lightning strike — to awaken us to new possibilities, to inspire a move beyond constraints which no longer serve, and to seek out new solutions or wholly new pursuits. This is the work of a lifetime, a lesson we must return to again and again.”

Sean M. Madden is a writer-educator, photographer and slow-traveling digital nomad. He’s also co-founder of Creative Thunder, helping creative individuals and small businesses to fire up their online presence and prowess. This month, he and Mufidah Kassalias are launching their new book, Burgos², a collection of their acclaimed Instagram photographs of Burgos, Spain.



“I really loved this story of April, being catapulted into a fresh start.” ~ F. E. Clark

Afterwards is the new novel from Satya Robyn. After a serious car crash shatters April’s mundane life, she decides to run the London marathon. Will she reach the finishing line? Compelling and illuminating, it reminds us that it is never too late to begin over again.

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  1. Lovely (and have just found your Instagram photos of Burgos – beautiful city I visited in the 80s!)

  2. Waking up to the possibilities inherent in every moment is what Satya encourages us to do: this is so appropriate for her work. I like it very much. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Maureen. Yes, Satya and I come from a similar place, in terms of our respective practice and in our approach to helping others. I appreciate your taking the time to leave your comment.

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