Flaring tempers at a well blessing

Well blessing 2018Yesterday Rev Khemashalini & I performed a Buddhist well blessing at Evandine. My favourite bit is where I use a leafy branch to sprinkle everyone with cool blessed water.
The joys of the blessing were punctuated by two ill-tempered incidents. The first was someone who wanted to collect water, and said with obvious annoyance that ‘we could wait’ until they were finished. The second was a couple of cars who met head on in the tiny lane, both of them stuck and refusing to budge and let the other pass.
There were mitigating circumstances in both incidents – old resentments that flared up, and that whited out any good will or patience those involved might usually have. This happens to us all – we come to a time when we have HAD ENOUGH and we take out our frustration on whoever happens to be present.
This is how it is to be human. This is why we need water blessings, communities, empathy, self-reflection, sunshine and lots of patience. When we’re not the one flaring up or digging in our heels, we can remember how uncomfortable it is to be in this position. We can soften our hearts towards the other, and approach them from a place of brother/sisterhood.
I didn’t manage that yesterday, and I judged away, feeling deliciously superior, as I watched a member of the well dressing team intervene with humility and great skill.
Oh, foolish beings that we are! I’ll keep sprinkling that cool blessed water on myself, and if you’d like some I’ll send some your way too. Deep bow.

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  1. I really liked this post, Satya. You’re right. We’ve all had these kinds of moments on occasion.

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