Salena Godden says: This Helps

Salena Godden1. Pessimism is for lightweights
2. courage is a muscle
3. It isn’t punk to ask for permission
4. Never, ever give up!
5, Make light!
6. Go where the love is

These slogans help me switch off social media and get on with writing. They help me to be more generous. To stop comparing my path with others who seem to have an easier journey. To understand that people often hide their true struggle. To focus on one page at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time and not to worry about the whole end result. That the journey is the destination. That to be kind and more generous feels better in the long run and to always give a bit more just when you think your tank is empty.

Oh one last thing, switching of the computer and going walking, walking in the park, or walking in the woods, or through city streets, walking helps everything. going for a long walk and looking up at the sky seems to put everything into perspective.


Salena Godden is a British poet, performer and author living in London.

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