The morning after the day before (launch-hangover)

golden amidaYesterday I had a launch day for me-as-a-writer-called-Satya and-not-Fiona.

I wanted to celebrate this new phase of my writing career and say thank you to everyone and raise my profile and, hopefully, give my novel ‘Thaw’ a chance in the big wide world.

In preparation for the day I’d put in maybe thirty hours of work – coming up with an idea, crafting blog posts and newsletters, messaging people who said they wanted to take part. Not to mention the time Kaspa has spent designing the new covers, formatting the books for paperback and kindle, or the time it takes to write the books…

The day began. A newsletter went out to more than three thousand people, I posted to our more than three thousand Facebook page fans, I emailed many friends. Thaw was only 99p / $1.49 for the day.

By midday, two people had bought Thaw on kindle, and one of those people was my husband.

I felt disappointed, despite feeling ungrateful and spoilt. The day was really about people sharing what gives their life meaning, wasn’t it? Well, it was. But I still wanted to sell more books.

This is a part of my journey as a writer. However much I would like to be un-moved by how many books I sell, I am. Of course there are financial implications to selling or not-selling. But really, the biggest thing that gets hurt isn’t my bank balance but my ego. Good old humongous hungry ego.

This afternoon I’m off to a friend’s house for a Buddhist gathering. We’ll do a little practice and discuss a teaching. Tomorrow we’re hoping to walk around the gardens at the Malvern Spring Show, and maybe buy a plant or two.

It’s good to do these ordinary ego-puncturing things and be an ordinary person again, which of course I am all along, even if someone does make a film of The Most Beautiful Thing and I get to meet Johnny Depp.

And it was a good day. It was wonderful to see what you’d all written (go see some of the pieces here, I’m a bit worried I saved the wrong version so if you’re not there I do apologise, do send me your link again!) And by the end of the day Thaw had charted in the literary fiction charts .I do feel like I’ve done all I can for the book now – it’s on its own…

Funny old life, being a writer. Funny old life, being a human being. Go well today. Enjoy the birdsong.

16 thoughts on “The morning after the day before (launch-hangover)”

  1. When life brings
    big winds of change
    that almost blow you over…
    close your eyes
    hang on tight
    and BELIEVE xx

  2. I think in the run-up to the 10th of May, the focus has been on the online event, ‘what I live for’. Me personally only read about about your official launch as Satya on facebook yesterday. Also although ‘Thaw’ was officially launched yesterday, I bought the kindle version about 2 weeks ago, which was the time it was brought really to my attention. Also maybe the timing of the official launch was wrong, as browsing through your blogs, websites and facebook pages The name Fiona still pops up as if it is still in a transition period. What I trying to say is that yesterdays result is not a reflection of your ability to write.

    Happy ego-puncturing!

    1. Thanks Jeroen yes I think you’re right. Do let me know if you find Fiona on anything editable – trying to get them all changed!

  3. Yesterday was a great beginning. I’m sure that all the good will and gratitude you put out into the world will pay off, if not soon, then in time. Thank you for creating the event. I loved writing my own answer and reading everyone else’s too.

    1. Hurray, Katherine : ) (if you get a chance to do a very short review on Amazon when you’re done it’d be very much appreciated…)

    1. Thanks Tomas – hope to read it properly later – looks like a very comprehensive & thought-provoking article. And, it’s a pleasure.

  4. I hope there was an update with lots more books purchased. i know I didn’t get mine until evening our time. i thoroughly enjoyed the event both in sharing and reading others. Thank you for all your good work. I have found the small stones to be very helpful in mindfulness practice.

    1. Thanks Karen – I’m pleased about the small stones. And not lots more books, but we have another promotion happening tomorrow so we’ll see what that brings! Not easy, flogging books : ) But I do enjoy it …

  5. Hello Satya,
    Came to your blog via All About Malvern, where my book The Water Doctor’s Daughters is featured alongside your own. Just wanted to say that I understand your frustration and I really wish you well. Promoting and marketing are so time consuming and often rather soul destroying for we authors. Thank goodness for the lovely people at All About Malvern.

    By the way, my book launch was held at the Foley Arms on March 23rd during that horrendous and unseasonal snowy weather. Oh my word! Thank goodness for hardy Malvern souls and loyal friends. Best wishes, Pauline

    1. Hi Pauline – good to ‘meet’ you. Yes, I’m a big fan of All About! Good luck with your book!

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