The Spaces Where Afterwards Waits by Dean Pasch

This photo is part of a virtual gallery to celebrate the launch of my new novel, Afterwards.


Image: ‘The Spaces Where Afterwards Waits’

Narrating Ends, Afterwards

The end comes


It is a spelling mistake waiting

To happen

A solitude filled

With new beginnings

Two pairs of eyes meet

A door opens abstraction

Erasing a second a minute an hour a day

Passes and months years decades later

The end comes

Always and afterwards

It comes again


Dean Pasch is a visual artist, poet and filmmaker – born in England, he has lived in Germany since 1990. His poetry has featured in Mannequin Envy, Niederngasse, Tiferet, Quill & Parchment, and in books – ‘Chopin with Cherries’ (Moonrise Press) and ‘Woman in Metaphor’ (Natural Healing House Press). He has also presented his poetry and visual work in a Los Angeles tour, including readings at Moonday (VillageBooks) and Beyond Baroque.

His pictures have been used for cd covers (Tamir Hendelman’s ‘Destinations’ / Resonance Records) and book covers (‘Savage Sunsets’ – poems by Adrian C. Louis / West End Press)

About his work he says:

“I am drawn to the idea that being-ness is revealed by its disappearance … that invisibility is a metaphor for silence … and that silence is another way of holding one’s breath for a good time to breathe.”



“I loved Afterwards, and really missed Art and April when I reached the end.” ~ Anthea

Afterwards is the new novel from Satya Robyn. After a serious car crash shatters April’s mundane life, she decides to run the London marathon. Will she reach the finishing line? Compelling and illuminating, it reminds us that it is never too late to begin over again..