‘Letters from Satya’ re-starting

Now my vigil is over, I’m going to write my Letters from Satya more frequently again. The first is below. If you’d like to sign up for them, click here.

Hello friends.

I’ve been tying myself in knots.

I want to start writing to you all again, now my year-long vigil is over. I want to offer you comfort, the hindsight of my stumbles, a giggle, spiritual nourishment, flashes of beauty.

I decided that I would start these new letters once I’d found the perfect name for them. Possible titles started pouring into my brain. ‘Written in Dew’, to remind me of how ephemeral my words are? No – worried it sounds a bit pretensious. Something with ‘mud’ in the title, to keep my feet on the ground? Nah – too, um, muddy. ‘Glimpses of Light’? But I don’t want to focus on the good light and miss out the good dark…

Words swirled all week, and I was lost in their snow-storm. Eventually, I started to get the message. What was my learning here? Why was I pushing so hard against a door that wasn’t opening?

‘Don’t worry about it so much. You don’t have to be perfect, or try really hard to impress people or get them to like you. Just be you.’

And so this is where we will begin. By acknowledging that I am a being with many parts, most of which work hard to influence the world in various ways. By appreciating the sterling job they do. By remembering that there is something underneath or beyond all these parts of me, bigger and wiser and brimming with compassion, and that I can relax into it whenever I choose. That IT knows what these letters should be called – the same thing they were called when I used to write them – Letters from Satya.

Just Satya.

Aaaaahhh. What a relief.

I’m really looking forward to writing to you. Do feel free to reply to any of the letters. If you’d like a friend to receive them too, you can send them here. And the photo is Aiko dog, with a reminder: don’t forget to play!

Satya <3

PS I originally said I’d send these letters out a few times a year so if you’d rather not get them more frequently do press unsubscribe below. If you have any problems with that let me know 🙂