Letters from Satya

desk shrineA gift for you: I write letters that will make you happy.

I write them once a week, sitting at this desk and imagining thick white paper and a fountain pen, putting stamps on envelopes and walking them to the bright red post box.

I write about slowing down, being foolish, running a temple in a small town, beauty, the 12 steps and recovery, books, growing things, psychotherapy, creativity, messy tangles, writing, relationships, the spiritual life, and probably bunny rabbits.

I encourage you to pause before you read them. Give yourself five minutes of peace, and savour each word like posh chocolates. I finish each letter with questions that you might copy into your journal, or carry around in your head with you all week.

Get a taste for the letters by clicking the links underneath the sign-up form. Then tell me your name and email address, and wait for the first one to drop onto your doormat. It makes me happy to know that you will be there.

On getting tangled and getting untangled again (my very first newsletter, on mixed motivations)

Unfashionable happiness (on idiot pleasures)

On seeking the perfect lunch (and missing out on what’s there)

What hurts you, blesses you (on being ill and blessings)