Hello sweetpea.

Aiko 13 weeks on the commonI’m Satya, and I write letters to make you happy – subscribe to Letters from Satya.

As well as being a writer of fiction, well-being and Buddhist books (my newest books are Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism and What Helps: Sixty Slogans to Live By), I also wear other hats…

One as a Buddhist priest (my full Buddhist name is Satyavani which means eloquent communicator of the truth). I run the Amida Mandala temple in Malvern, the UK with my husband Kaspa.

One as a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice.

One as the co-founder (with my husband Kaspa) of the mindful writing company Writing Our Way Home.

One as an ordinary person who looks after a Little Dog, cats and bunnies, grows veg, is a connoisseur of vegan cake, reads lots, attends a 12 step programme, walks the Malvern hills, enjoys life, and sometimes gets into the sorts of tangles we all get into…

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Thank you for being here. I hope you find something that will nourish you. Deep bow,

Satya x