me vigilGood to meet you. I’m Satya (she/her).

If you’d like to join my daily prayer for the Earth at 8am UK time on Zoom every day or in person in Great Malvern, go here.

I’m a writer – my newest book is Just As You Are and I send out pieces for anyone wanting to be kinder to themselves at Going Gently.

I’m a Buddhist teacher and I’ve run the Bright Earth temple in Malvern, the UK with my spouse Kaspa (they/them) for nine years.

I’m a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, working with Internal Family Systems.

I try to do small things to bring attention to the climate and ecological emergency. I finished a year of daily vigils in 2020 & am about to start a year of daily prayers.

Thank you for being here. I hope you find something that will nourish you. Deep bow,

Satya <3