Dear Earth: Love, grief & activism


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“I read Satya Robyn’s new book last night from start to finish. What can I say? It’s brilliant, insightful, stirring and impactful. It’s made me think about my role and responsibility in helping the world, and that I must do more. From heart-warming and honest stories—laced with the guilt, frustration, helplessness, joy and wonder she experiences—while living in, and navigating a burning world, through to the heart-wrenching and emotional accounts of the protests she attends with Extinction Rebellion, Satya’s writing is just wonderful.” ~ Liz

How is it to live on this gorgeous planet, knowing about the terrible damage we have caused her and are still causing her? These letters begin with the author’s rude awakening to our current ecological and climate emergency. They journey through the ups and downs of activism (with a few arrests along the way) and touch on the themes of grief, fear and anger, the majesty of the natural world, and the challenges of system change. They return again and again to an acknowledgement of (and forgiveness of) our all too human frailties.

This book doesn’t flinch from the reality of the crisis facing us, and it will also bring you hope and consolation. It will encourage you to enjoy the planet’s rich offerings while we can, and to find ways of expressing your gratitude. These letters, with their mix of the mundane and the extraordinary, are love letters. They are filled with blackbird song, the melting ice-caps, extreme weather, cups of tea, oceans choked with plastic and happy dogs. Maybe they will inspire you to deepen your own relationship with our precious earth.

“Dear Earth…”