Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings

Just As You Are cover

Kaspa & Satya’s new introduction to Amida-shu Buddhism, with anecdotes of temple life and simple instructions for Pureland practice. Buy here: Kindle UK / paperback UK or Kindle US  / paperback US etc.

‘Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings’ is for anyone who wants to live a good life but is tired of endlessly trying to perfect themselves. 

Pureland Buddhism takes a realistic view of our foolish natures as human beings, and offers us an alternative to the ‘do it yourself’ self-help movement. With anecdotes of temple life and instructions for simple Pureland practices, the authors introduce us to this ancient and unique tradition of Buddhism and show us how it can make a powerful difference to our everyday lives.

Covering topics such as trust, overcoming suffering, grace, being kind and self-care, the book also contains the voices of different Pureland Buddhists speaking of their own diverse experiences. This book shows us how we are all loveable just as we are, and that understanding this is the key to deep and lasting change.

“This book will not give you a do-it-by-numbers self-help, pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-effort ladder to climb. Here two good people have written a lovely book about faith and practice, which explains their own journey and many aspects of Pureland Buddhism in terms that are easy to understand. It will remind you of the love that is already there and the refuge that is already at hand. It will invite you to celebrate it and to do so in company with others similarly inspired. In doing so, it will welcome you home to a place of peace where all is completely assured. A wonderful contribution to the growth of the Buddhist community.”

– David Brazier

“What the authors have done in this book is show the way toward attentive compassion – compassion towards others but also, and maybe more importantly, towards oneself. I laughed out loud at the idea of the validation of our foolish, bombu nature.

The introduction to daily practice is succinct and blessedly clear. The book uses the upaya of personal experience to draw one in to the value and meaning of spiritual experience, and then lays out the actual day-to-day practice itself so that a reader will know exactly what they are getting into and why. This is so useful.

I have a statue of the seated Buddha on my altar. In his left hand he holds the fire of the Dharma, as though to say atta dipa, you are the light itself. His right hand is raised, palm out, in the universal gesture of peace, saying don’t be afraid. The authors also hold up their hands, palms out, saying to readers, don’t be afraid. It’s okay. There is no distance between us.”

– Terrance Keenan, Zen Monk, Artist and Writer

Reverend Kaspalita and Reverend Satyavani are ordained Priests with the Amida-Shu and they run a Pureland temple in Malvern in the UK. They both work as psychotherapists and are interested in building local community and in teaching Buddhism that improves the lives of ordinary people like you and me.