What Helps: Sixty Slogans to Live By

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This book is a love letter.

‘What Helps’ contains sixty jewels of wisdom, each of them grounded in messy human reality and connected to the light. Using these slogans will bring you solace, fresh insights, laughter, and hope. Each of them will illuminate your problems from a new perspective, and lead to practical solutions. They will remind you that you are perfectly acceptable, just as you are.

This book is a love letter to you. It is designed for ordinary foolish beings (like the author) who are motivated to live a good life, and to lessen their own suffering and the suffering of those around them. Working through the questions in each chapter will bring understanding and self-compassion and, as you feel better about yourself, you will naturally move forwards with more patience, understanding and love.

Pick up this book, enjoy the stories, and choose a few slogans to carry around in your pocket. They will always be with you.


Satya in snowSatya Robyn works as a psychotherapist in private practice. She has written six novels including the best-seller ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’. She is also a Buddhist Priest with the Amida Order, and runs the Amida Mandala temple in Malvern alongside her husband Kaspa. She is a 12 step fellow, a self-help junkie, and is currently training in Internal Family Systems. She enjoys growing vegetables, walking on the Malvern hills, watching trashy detective series, eating vegan cake and hanging out with the temple bunnies.

What Helps: Sixty Slogans to Live By is available now – UK kindle or paperback, US kindle or paperback etc. To celebrate the book I will be publishing a series of interviews with people I admire, sharing their own wise slogans with me, and a series of blog posts which demonstrate the slogans in action. You can read the introduction to the book here and the first slogan here.