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April isn’t just running the London marathon. She’s running to freedom.

Still living at home and doing a job she hates, April is desperate to shake up her mundane existence but can’t find the courage. A serious accident leaves her with a different set of problems, but also the hope of a new beginning.

Both on and off the running track, she faces challenges she had never imagined. With the help of her new friend Art, a retired drag queen, and Al, her obstinate coach, April starts to reinvent herself. Will she reach the finishing line, and will all the pain and anguish be worth it?

Afterwards is the new novel from the bestselling author of The Most Beautiful Thing. Compelling and illuminating, it reminds us that it is never too late to begin over again.

Buy now on Kindle UK or Kindle US or paperback UK or US.

Reviews from Amazon:

“This is the first book by Satya Robyn that I’ve read and now I’m ordering all the others. Rarely do I find a book that I really can’t put down; I finished it at 3am this morning. The story is humbling, insightful, funny and very easy to read, just make sure you don’t have anything important to do for several hours before you start it!” ~ J Dent

“Satya’s books are like chocolate cake. They end too soon and then I want more.” ~ Judi

“I always come away from Robyn’s books feeling not just that I’ve enjoyed a really good read but that on the way, and almost without realizing, I’ve learned something new about myself and others, about love and life.” ~ Francesca

“I loved April and her friend Art, they made me cry many times and laugh too. Delving into the lives of her characters feels like therapy at times,hearing their inner thoughts, knowing the aspects of themselves that most of us work tirelessly to hide from the world, as you grow to love them, warts and all, you begin to feel that maybe we are all more lovable than we know.” ~ Alex

“Highly recommended to anyone who’s been through tough times and made good. Or those who are still struggling with finding themselves and their purpose in life.” ~ Evi

“The quirky characters and unusual situations have none of their rough edges smoothed over or toned-down which makes them all the more believable. The author gets right into the minds of the characters and makes you feel like they are your own personal acquaintances. I found the book most heart-warming and uplifting and carry the story with me long after I put the book down.” ~ H Hall

Buy now on Kindle UK or Kindle US or paperback UK or US.

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