Roselle Angwin Says: This Helps

Roselle AngwinHere is the last of our interviews to celebrate my new book, ‘What Helps: Sixty Slogans to Live By, with Zen practitioner and poet Roselle Angwin. Over to Roselle!

What are your three favourite slogans?

1 ‘Be kind – everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ (Plato, to my constant surprise.)

2 ‘Looking into the heart of light, the silence.’ (T S Eliot. I repeat this when anxious or off-balance.)

3 ‘I’m practising non-attachment to my views so that I may be open to others’.’ (I’m SO opinionated. I use this one a lot.)

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Roselle is a Zen practitioner of over 40 years, and a member of the former Network of Engaged Buddhists. She blends Zen with druidry, in her life, her books and her courses. Her site is:

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