Times & Dates for the Prayers in Malvern

Read more about my daily prayer for the Earth project here & here are the daily 8am Zoom meetings. Times below, and more information underneath.

Mon 13th 8.30am
Tues 14th 11.45am
Wed 15th 11.45am
Thurs 16th 8.30am
Fri 17th 11.45am
Sat 18th 8.30am
Sun 19th 8.30am
Mon 20th 8.30am
Tues 21st 11.45am

We’ll start with a bell, then I (or someone else) will read the prayer. We’ll then have ten minutes of silent contemplation – you’re welcome to leave at that point or stay for a little while and stand or sit on the steps in silence as you contemplate the Earth or pray in your own way.

I will be opposite the Post Office at the top of Great Malvern, at the bottom of the steps (unless something else is happening there and if so I’ll be somewhere close by!). I’d be delighted to see you if you’d like to join me – just turn up. I’ll do everything I can not to change the times below once they’re up, but if you’re coming from further away do check the time again on the day or email me.

All prayer sessions finish after fifteen minutes.