A little comfort

ralph buddhaHello friends.

Ralph doesn’t want to curl up in the comfy grey bed right next to my desk today. He wants to sit on my lap.

He’s a hefty boy, and I can’t really type with him there. I lifted him up anyway, and we sat for a while together until he told me he was ready for a nap in his bed.

Some days, we just need a little comfort.

I used come down hard on the parts of me that sought comfort. The parts that take a second slice of cake, or make me watch Selling Sunset, or encourage me to indulge in a little gossip.

I’m more fond of them these days. We are all a mix of parts that push us forwards and parts that cushion us or distract us or seek ease. The pushing ones are more socially acceptable, but a balanced eco-system needs both.

I appreciate the comfort-seeking parts of me that manage to keep me on an even keel without resorting to hard drugs or raging or sex addition or self-harm. Even these more extreme comfort-seeking parts are doing the best they can to stabilise us.

I appreciate the parts of Ralph that get him extra lap-time. I appreciate the parts of me that read trashy novels and get caught scrolling on Twitter. We all need comfort, especially when things outside us or inside us are tough. Here’s to furry blankets, and flannel pyjamas, and good hot chocolate, and to whatever does it for you.

Satya <3

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