A very warm welcome…

kettle by miniyorkThis is a place for me to be just-a-writer. To talk about my books. To let you know about what I’m writing at the moment. To luxuriate in words.

I’m rather excited about it.

Do make yourself at home. Pour yourself a cup of tea from this little white teapot. Have a mooch around.

Let me know if you have any requests for what could be added here. A FAQ? Do you want to interview me? Do you want to know more about my writing process? Let me know in the comments below. You can help me welcome this brand new baby site into the world.

Oh, and my new novel The Most Beautiful Thing is extra-cheap on kindle for a day or two – 99p / $1.59 if you want to snap it up.

Oh, and thank you to my lovely husband Kaspa, who made the site for me. And is now in the kitchen cooking our Sunday roast. So I’d better go and help him peel the potatoes, really. See you soon!

15 thoughts on “A very warm welcome…”

  1. Hi Fiona, Congratulations on your new web site. Well done to Kaspa for building it for you. I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve because I just LOVE your style of writing. Can’t wait to see what you post next!

  2. Congrats on your shiny new blog – the tea pot is exquisite! I would really love to know where you find inspiration and then how you shape your ideas into your wonderful stories. For starters! Much love and light for this new project xxxx

  3. Hey Satya,

    Lovely new site – well done Kaspa! I’m looking forward to following your journey!

  4. Love the clean, easy-to-read design of your blog. It’s light and airy. I’m sure the content will be just as enlightening. Looking forward to it.

  5. Aw, thank you all. I feel properly at home here now. More tea, anyone?
    (Francesca – noted!)

  6. Nice website Fiona (seems weird to call you Fiona again…)! Good luck with it.

    Cup of tea would be lovely, thanks.

  7. Hi all – thanks for dropping by! Do stick with Satya Sascha – otherwise life will be far too complicated for all of us ; )

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