Afterwards by Alastair Cook

This photo is part of a virtual gallery to celebrate the launch of my new novel, Afterwards.

Afterwards by Alastair Cook

Afterwards. This is a double exposure, made in-camera on 35mm positive transparency film.

Alastair Cook is a British artist working in documentary photography, film and wet plate collodion; currently artist in residence for Absent Voices.

McArthur’s Store is an award-winning exhibition of wet plate collodion portraits of Dunbar’s fishing community | 11th October – 20th December 2013, Dunbar Town House, Dunbar, Scotland
“Arresting and nostalgic, contemplative and intriguing…Cook’s portraits create their own atmosphere and intrigue.” Giles Sutherland, The Times [4 stars]

Filmpoem Festival 2014 is partnering Antwerp’s Felix Poetry Festival and working with Poetry International at the Royal Festival Hall in London |
“Alastair Cook’s short films are beautiful.” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

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Afterwards“Satya’s books are like chocolate cake. They end too soon and then I want more.” ~ Judi

Afterwards is the new novel from Satya Robyn. After a serious car crash shatters April’s mundane life, she decides to run the London marathon. Will she reach the finishing line? Compelling and illuminating, it reminds us that it is never too late to begin over again.