At the age of 39, I just did something for the first time…

Malvern hills bench by SomeDriftwoodWon the lottery? Rode a horse? Read the financial papers?

Nope. I just did a handstand. A handstand!

Since Christmas I’ve been going to yoga – the first time I’ve done anything in the arena of ‘fitness’ for many many years. I’ve also been walking much more on the Malvern hills, and eating less cake. Some cake – I don’t drink or smoke or do anything else interesting – but less.

These changes are still present four weeks on, which I’m rather surprised about. Of course, things might slip any day, but I have a different kind of confidence this time. I think I’m going to be a slightly-fitter-person from now on.

What makes this time different to all the others? There were lots of others…

A few things. I am turning 40 this year, and sometimes it takes something a bit more dramatic to wake us up. If I don’t get more fit this year, then my huffing-and-puffing up hills will only get worse as my body moves inexorably towards old age.

The change is showing on the surface now, but I have the sense that there has been lots of very slow, underground change which has prepared me for things to be different.

I was very clear about setting an intention in January to be kind to my body this year. This positive focus has worked better for me than deciding to NOT eat the things I like, or force myself to do horrible exercise. I’m surprised to be enjoying the yoga, the walking and the healthy diet.

I’ve been kind to myself and when I catch myself forcing myself too hard, I pull back. I’m prone to rebel when I don’t get what I want, and so the occasional square of chocolate (or three brownies last Wednesday night) are forgiven and allowed and accepted.

I’ve got support. From a yoga class, from my friend who I walk with, from my husband who I share my experiences with and talk things over.

How do these factors apply to you? What changes are ripe in you? Can you start today? This week? Tell me what you’re going to do in the comments…

“The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted.” ~ Martha Graham 

If you enjoy these musings, you’ll probably enjoy my book ‘A Year of Questions‘, and the sequel which will be coming out later this year…


Malvern hills bench by SomeDriftwood with thanks.

10 thoughts on “At the age of 39, I just did something for the first time…”

  1. You Go, Satya! Self-care is so important. I found that out the hard way, when at 56 I had a serious heart attack. Yeah, I don’t neglect the things I love. But, watching things like diet and exercise have become positive rather than drudgery. I encourage you to hang in there and stay with it. You Are Worth It!!!

  2. Thanks, Satya. for the thoughts. i am approaching a new decade soon and feeling a bit sad. I do know there are changes I can make that will help me enjoy the new decade. Your words were the encouragement I needed.

  3. When I was turning 40 I made similar changes. I quit smoking (I smoked, horror!), I quit drinking (more horror), I became a vegetarian, and began waking. That was 20 years ago. I will turn 60 this year and I never felt better. I was just invited on a 10 mile hike in the Joshua Tree National Park this weekend and I’m up for it! I have been enjoying the Mindful Writing Challenge, as well as the vegan challenge, all new and positive for me. I guess I have discovered that kindness to myself begets more kindness. You go girl! And thank you for all of the inspiration.

  4. I’ve been playing the ‘like’ game! Just simply noticing & counting the simplest of things that are nice! As simple as ‘I like the colour of my curtains’ ‘I like the trees in winter when you can see their shapes’ ‘I like the coziness of my bed right now!’
    When you start noticing little things that you like, it changes your whole outlook- we ‘re programmed to look out for things we don’t like, possible dangers & threats. Noticing things you like allows you to see more of them, and it’s much better for you than constantly focussing on all the negatives, which is what most of us do.
    Counting just helps to keep you focused- it’s not about reaching any particular number!
    Thank you for your posts, I enjoy them & find them helpful.

  5. I’ve just turned 50, and believe me that is a turning point! I’ve taken on the same approach as you, not telling myself off for the things I don’t do and focusing on what I’m actually doing to be kind to my body… swimming, walking, eating what I like but enjoying it more. It is not as hard as it sounds. Keep going, you’ll be so grateful to yourself when you reach the time when the real changes in your body sets in.


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