Pssst. Do you know Ruth from ‘Thaw’?

The Aldeburgh Scallop


This isn’t the official launch of my novels (with my new name and lovely new covers).

This is the secret-ish pre-launch, where I ask people who already know and care about Ruth if they are able to write a couple of sentences about her at Amazon UK or Amazon US, so that when we do the official launch people who don’t know me will be tempted to read her story.

This is part of the plan to get Ruth out to as many people as possible… reviews on Amazon make a very big difference. Unless they’re REALLY terrible, like this one ; )

If you haven’t read it yet and if you get sucked in by this first entry to her diary, you could also buy it before anyone else gets their hands on it and write a review if you feel moved to. I was going to make it free on the day but I’m re-thinking that so watch this space..

Thank you for your support, lovely people. Ruth says thank you too.


The Aldeburgh Scallop by pcgn7

2 thoughts on “Pssst. Do you know Ruth from ‘Thaw’?”

  1. Been There, Done That..
    Review posted on Amazon US a few minutes ago – will try to post to Amazon UK if I can.

    Best of luck – hope Ruth’s story and your writing get the exposure and reading they well deserves.


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