Sas Petherick Says: This Helps

Sas Petherick

Today we welcome the lovely Sas Petherick, whose humour, sass 🙂 and down-to-earth wisdom I admire. This is the latest interview in celebration of my new book, ‘What Helps: Sixty Slogans to Live By‘.

What slogan helps you? 
‘Nothing good gets away’.
This was written by John Steinbeck to his son.

How does this slogan help you?
Reminding myself of this helps me to have perspective. And grace. Particularly when my impatience rears up, or if I feel that somehow I should be more/better/further along, than I am. When I am arguing with reality, its a great way to recalibrate 🙂

How have you seen this slogan help others?
In my work over the years, I have found that many of us are quietly grieving for our unlived potential. The idea that it’s never too late to notice, appreciate and take steps towards what we want, can feel like a life raft.

What else helps you when you feel stuck, when you are suffering, or when you are in need of inspiration?
Almost a year ago, a small furry bundle of dog came into our lives. Bohdi is completely in the moment, he rests until he is ready to play, and then he plays until he is pooped! He makes sure I get outside every single day, and is always on hand for cuddles. I love how utterly present he is. And when not even Bohdi can match my funk, I meditate, chat to beloved friends, sometimes I just have a good old whinge. Whatever I can do to be with the stuck suffering blahs will often dislodge the hold they have.

What advice do you need to remind yourself of the most often?
Be brave. Every day.

Sas Petherick is a Coach, Teacher & Podcaster who helps thinking humans transcend self-doubt. With a Master’s degree in Coaching & Mentoring, and as a Certified Dr Martha Beck Coach, Sas’ approach is evidence-based, heartfelt, effective, and immediately applicable to your life.


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